Why Choose Krish TechnoLabs as your managed hosting service provider?

Firstly, what is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is an extension to dedicated hosting, where a service provider leases a dedicated server and associated hardware to a single client and is maintained by the hosting provider. Today, many big companies have adopted managed hosting services to outsource their IT tasks or operating on existing infrastructure, ranging from on-site professionals operating on premises through remote support to the supervision of applications migrated to the cloud.

How to choose the right managed hosting service provider?

When it comes to choosing a hosting partner, it can be a tricky process. Many rookies and even seasoned online store owners fail to realize the power of their hosting platform. And, choosing the wrong company to host your online store can be frustrating and expensive. Making this mistake could cost you in data loss, downtime, and costly repair bills. So, let’s see what a client should check out when looking for the managed hosting service provider:

Technical Experience & Expertise

The most important aspect of a host is its professional competence and level of technical expertise. Typically, a hosting provider employs field-specialist who’s aware of the system problems and understands how to solve these issues most quickly without any inconvenience or disruption.

Detailed Asset Tracking

A professional managed service provider offers hardware and software reporting metrics to assist with asset tracking and compliance reporting worth their weight in server parts.

Proactive Supervision

A hosting service provider proactively seeks technical changes and improvements to enhance the systems supervised by them. If they find something that serves the client needs better, they inform the client about it.

Track Record

It’s important to make sure that your hosting partner has an IT services history with a record of substantial client retention and professional, knowledgeable consultants who are technical experts and know what it takes to keep your business up and running within the borders of a predictable IT spend model.


A really good service provider will proactively communicate with the clients and treat them with special care and attention. Offering reliable and quick assistance makes clients feel his system is in right hands which is very essential.

Specialized Teams & Resources

When it comes to managing larger systems, a single person cannot handle all the tasks like supervision, maintenance, and troubleshooting. A good host will understand the potential problems and workflow to achieve the best results with quick response time.

If you’re running a successful eCommerce store, you’ll need to put your online store in a runtime environment which is optimized to a chosen framework. All e-commerce frameworks have their own infrastructural needs by which they can be operated most efficiently.

A hosting service provider needs to have the expertise in all the above competences, so this burden is off your shoulder as a client ‒ to make sure your online store is always ready to serve your customers and it performs the best possible way.

Krish TechnoLabs’ Fully Managed Hosting

The importance of Magento hosting increases dramatically because of the complexity of Magento’s complex architecture which supports and manages the transactions and customer handling processes. Skyrocket your Magento performance with powerful Cloud hosting

Why choose Krish TechnoLabs to fulfill your managed eCommerce hosting requirements?

1. Fully Managed

You can focus on your business while we handle your server’s performance, security, and updating.

2. Server Security

All cloud servers deployed on the managed hosting platform have reliable security measures. Magento’s multi-layered security approach keeps your servers safe and sound on Magento hosting platform.

3. High Performance

We exceed with performance like no other. You’ll see a drastic improvement in your page loading times.

4. Managed Migration

We provide seamless migration for all of our clients, managed by our highly trained Magento experts.

5. Magento Cloud Hosting

Explore our expertise for managed hosting on exclusive Magento platform! Built on AWS, Magento Cloud hosting is an auto-scaling hosting platform that decreases the complexity of the underlying server infrastructure and allows you to test and deploy your code continuously, reliably, with zero downtime.

6. Scalable & Flexible

Have a Magento store that is always crowded? You do not need to worry about unexpected traffic spikes as we offer a scalable and flexible managed support that scales resources when the need arises.

7. Fanatical Support

Our Magento specialized AWS Certified system operators are always available to help you 24/7/365


This guide is meant to help taking the first steps as a client and understand the hosting requirements and essentials. Being an online store owner, you may find yourself lagging the competence required to run your eCommerce in the cloud, but that’s why we’re here.

If you want to reach potential customers globally, moving your store to the managed Magento cloud may be the best choice for growth and expansion. Merging the two worlds of managed hosting and cloud services, we have the opportunity the give our customers one of the best services on the market where up-to-date technologies are used in every store.

Krish TechnoLabs is the best Magento Cloud hosting provider with fastest response rates and best-in-class Magento managed hosting services. To find out more about cloud hosting services and managed hosting pricing, Contact us today.

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