Managed Hosting

Managed Magento Hosting

Secure, Cost-effective, Dedicated Magento Cloud Hosting.

Host your complex e-business infrastructure efficiently with a balanced cost and capacity. The managed cloud hosting service combines network, computing and storage capability to deliver fast, reliable, secured and performance driven experience. We actively monitor your website, applying dozens of critical security updates and patches every month. You can rest easy knowing that if there’s a problem, we’re there to see it and act quickly.

Cloud Hosting

Key Managed Hosting Services

Key Advantages of fully managed services

We offer our support to you in the form of a complete and full time operation with the help of a support team, that goes great lengths to maintain your website so that you don’t have to bear the responsibility of doing this yourself. We answer the critical questions that clients can throw at you and resolving issues before they go out of control.

  • 1

    Round the clock monitoring of overall infrastructure and operational readiness.

  • 2

    24×7 qualified and capable team available to deliver fast and accurate response to any support request.

  • 3

    Narrow level troubleshooting for any performance issue and/or capacitive outage.

  • 4

    Operations support to automate data backups, multiple restore points, ticket management and software problems.

  • 5

    Server administration and tasks are managed by experts.

  • 6

    Customized alerts, root cause analysis and issue resolutions covered by fault management services.

  • 7

    Flexible upgradation and expansion.

  • 24×7 Infrastructure Support
  • Application Level Support
  • Security Patches
  • Performance Statistics
  • Fault Management
  • Performance Tweaking
  • OS Patching
  • Advanced Server Monitoring
  • Periodic Health-Checks
  • Monitoring of Spikes or Surges
  • Configuration Support

Key Cloud Hosting Features

Salient features of Cloud Hosting
  • Global Support

    Skype, Email & Phone Support to deliver a fast, accurate and effective response to any tickets

  • Dev / Stage – Prod Environments

    Pre-established environments to support best practice for extending Magento® build

  • High Performance Compute Platform

    Built on superior hardware and network architectures, along with our self-managed service level

  • Enterprise Level Reliability

    99.95% Uptime Contracts and always-up option also available for mission critical businesses

  • Flexibility Options

    No problem with peak seasons and a campaigns. Upgrade options available to support any surges

  • Resilient Security Perimeter

    From SSL to managed firewalls and ongoing intrusion detection alongside with periodic audits

  • Magento® Optimized Technology Stack

    A rock solid components in a perfect harmony, delivers you a peace of mind in your operations

  • Advanced Monitoring

    24×7 Follow the Sun – A comprehensive monitoring and alerting for reinstatement with any mishaps

Managed magento hosting plans

Our Magento hosting environments are custom-calibrated to cater to your application and a business requirements

Competitive edge in eCommerce comes from innovation, speed of web presence and exceeding consumers’ expectations. Managed cloud hosting service allows to deliver flawless user experience of your web content in a faster and more reliably than your competitors.


Tickets solved


Ticket satisfaction

Premium Ultimate
Service Level
Monitoring and Support

Ideal for start-ups and businesses with relatively standard requirements and moderate operations

Full Managed Services

Enterprise seeking critical or sophisticated support in terms of proactive monitoring, fault prevention and periodic health-checks.

Technological Stack & Toolkits
Web server and PHP processing Apache + MOD_PHP Nginx + PHP FPM
Database server MariaDB / Oracle MySQL Percona server MySQL
Session storage Memcached Memcached
KVC storage Redis Redis
Development tool GIT + Composer GIT + Composer
Performance tuning
Transactional e-mails Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Cloud transactional e-mails
Search component Apache solr or Elastisearch
Caching fleet Varnish
Accelerators PHP OPcache
Message queue framework RabbitMQ
SSL certificate 256 bit encryption standard certificate 256 bit encryption “Green Bar” EV certificate
Security firewall Basic firewall Managed DNS and web app firewal
Content Distribution Network
Managed Hosting Services
24×7 site uptime monitoring
Application and infrastructure support
Security updates and patches
Automated scheduled back-up
Ticket tracking portal
Performance monitoring
Periodic health checks and audits
Demonstration / Staging environment
Proactive website protection
Skype, e-mail and phone support
Response time 6 hours 2 hours
Contract period 3 months 6 months
Guaranteed uptime 99.9% 99.9%
Server level SLAs
Request for a quote
We follow proactive approach to hosting.

No matter how advanced and complex your Magento build, mobile app, third-party integrations, real-time processing or the media-intensive presentation is, our Managed Hosting services will be able to provide effcient and reliable hosting. We work closely with your organization to understand your processes and current bottlenecks with any existing hosting configurations.

Always included:
  • Guaranteed resource quota – CPU, RAM, Disk, Bandwidth exactly as contracted.
  • Resolve any of your support issue with our technical experts – your first point of contact.
  • No hidden costs or pay by quota schemes as all of your infra and support costs ahead are included.
  • Set up fee waiver for all contracts.


Why should I choose managed hosting?

Managed hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server with technical support. You can custommize the server as you want. You should select a managed hosting if your web site requires customized options and you don't have enough time and knowledge to manage the server.

What are the advantages of Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting offers many enticing features such as:
- Do not have to purchase own equipment
- Do not have to update/maintain equipment
- Do not have to manage server operation yourself

What is the difference between managed hosting and dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server provided by a web host for you to rent. Managed hosting is similar but also comes with services from a provider to help you manage the server.

What is the difference between managed hosting and colocation?

Colocation means you store your own server at a facility of a colocation provider. A colocation provider provides an internet connection to your server and allows you physical access to your own server when you need it. Managed hosting means you rent a server from a provider and get a level of support that helps you manage the server.

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