Writing Effective Product Descriptions That Secure Assured Conversions

When it comes to writing product descriptions, it seems to be a simple job. However, it can get a lot trickier than it seems. It is quite difficult to get the pitch right on the first go, but for product descriptions, with a little understanding and practice, you will be able to write the right product descriptions that convert visitors to customers:

1. When you bring the visitor to the product page of your eCommerce website, you have already spent an amazing amount of energy and wit doing that. Now is the final moment to convert the visitor into a confirmed customer, and the product description does that task of convincing the customer. Hence, the product description can be aptly described as the final point in the conversion funnel.

2. If your product description is flawed or is plain vanilla, the chances are high that the customer won’t buy. This is because you need to influence the customer at this point to decisively make a decision. It should be understood that the product description is the final as well as critical point where the purchase can be secured.

3. The mistake many eCommerce retailers make is to use a standardized product description that they have obtained from the manufacturing company or a marketing organization. Many a times, this content is not only bland and insipid but also lacks in compelling strength. The worse part is that it may result in duplicate content.

4. Yet another mistake that is often made is when an eCommerce store owner outsources the product writing to a content writer who has no conversion copy writing experience. Hence, this could result in a poorly written description that utterly lacks the converting power.

5. Go ahead and use a fair amount of emotion in your product description writing. This can increase the emotional response to an ad manifold. This tactic finds support in the numerous research conducted on the psychology of advertising and the emotional response to an ad can far increase the consumers reported intent to buy a product than an ad’s content.

6. As you might have perceived, ads go viral because of their emotional response, and not primarily because of their content. Emotional words such as savor, aroma, destiny are much more powerful than words such as taste, aroma, and future. Hence, making an emotional contact with product descriptions so that they ultimately convert using the emotional factor.

7. Sometimes, you will have noticed that many product descriptions are written in such a manner that they talk only about the product and forget the user. The product and the user share an emotional bond which needs to be taken into consideration. If the bond is broken or ceases to exist, then the product is of negligible or of no value to the customer. Hence, your product descriptions need to be result oriented in order to obtain the necessary customer optimization.

8. Sometimes, eCommerce store owners fail to focus their product description content on the final buyer. This can be disastrous, because if it does not address buyer concerns, then why is it written for and what is it doing on your eCommerce store’s product pages?

9. Also go ahead and entice your buyers with benefits of purchasing the products. In the absence of benefits, the copy will look bland and uninspiring. Rather than informing them about your company and all its achievements, talk to them about what is in for them that makes them so concerned about the product.

10. Finally, even if your words are emotional and make contact with your potential buyer, however, if they do not appeal to the imagination of the buyer, then your content is of no use. Why not create a product description that appeals to the imaginative sense of the potential buyer?

Hence, even if your product descriptions are grammatically correct, but if they are not emotionally appealing or cannot appeal to the imaginative sense of the potential buyer, then your online product is doomed. Get your product descriptions written by a content conversion expert and witness the difference!

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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