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VisionE Boutique

Business Brief
Hassan’s Optician Company, founded on the principles of providing the very best eye-care with a sole motto of "Your Vision Our Mission" and they embarked on this mission in retail operations with an array of physical galleries across Kuwait. Over the period, the company founded an online presence with a brand name “VisionE Boutique” to expand their reach throughout the GCC region with a merchandise offering smart eye gears and accessories in cross-border e-tailing operations.


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Conversion Optimization

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Upscaling current operations beyond GCC region and bringing high-quality eyewear as-well-as prescription glasses at affordable prices to the world was the center point of focus. With a bunch of shoppers visiting the site each month, browsing thousands of eyewear items, VisionE Boutique’s contemporary Magento Enterprise 1x platform required attention regarding improved brand experience as-well-as upscaling performance aspects to cope-up around multi-faceted e-tailing operational essence for domestic as-well-as worldwide consumers.


Krish TechnoLabs designed and developed an entirely new build on the next generation Magento 2x Enterprise on-premise platform along with a neat and cleaner visual design focusing on end-user functionality and in turn meeting the business goals of taking one step ahead with the solution consisting of the following vital compositions:

  • Re-sketched and created most of the visual aspects of the graphic design, user experience, content placement as well as mobile screen presentation.
  • Undergone comprehensive frontend development with custom theme packed with dual screen orientation to furnish multilingual screen facets in standard English and the Arabic right-to-left content transition.
  • Multi website formations for a logical isolation of GCC and international operations whereby GCC bounding data was migrated from previous Magento 1x backend.
  • Internationalization focused implementation covered GEO location identification for serving appropriate local parameters including language, currency, pricing views, territorial catalogs and switching between payment processing frameworks depending on users’ location.
  • An integration of Virtual Tryon - Augmented reality solution from TryLive with full mobile device compatibility which enables shoppers to virtually try-on glasses before they make their buying decision.
  • Refactored and refined integration with SAP BM backend system to ensure constant sync of inventory snapshots right from the ERP backbone and exchanging other bidirectional data touchpoints.
  • Extended Magento CMS ability to efficiently manage various call-out blocks and content placeholders with a graphical transition and language-specific orientations.
  • Solution build deployment over the Immutable AWS cluster with auto-spinning, failover tolerance enabled infrastructure.

i worked with four companies for our projects, with businesses in Uk, US, Ukraine, India, but i can say, Krish Tech is the best i experienced, they have a very dedicated team, quick response and very professional way to communicate with the customer. i recommend Krish for complex and big projects.

Amin Dolatshahi Ecommerce Manager, Hassans Optician


Overall, we’ve achieved an improved, customer-centric buying experience combined with dependable performance benchmarks which allow backend team to easily manage chunks of prescription configurations, sales orders, and targeted promotions across various demography and smooth domestic and international operations. The modern Magento 2x Enterprise platform enabled VisionE Boutique to spread their wings into the global market booming the sales by leaps and bounds.

Furthermore, the planner was transited into managed services to maintain constant momentum towards innovations and to leverage exposure to the new rock-solid platform.

43% Increase in transactions

32% Increase in revenue

33% Rise in site visits

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