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Kayoma group operates through Indian peninsula with deep roots in the construction material as-well-as industrial supplies. The sponsors have been on the market for nearly two decades and majorly dealing in B2B trades with an assurance of uninterrupted supplies, competitive pricing and an unparalleled customer service every time.


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Along with the traditional operations going on exceptionally well, the company looked up to ensure further diversity and start dealing into smaller trades as in B2B2C model which is a relatively untapped market. The company was driven to implement an eCommerce channel under the trade name “XFactory” for keeping pace with their competition, increase revenue through new sales channels, simplify the purchasing path of lower ticket B2B trades and make it easier for trade professionals to do business through online & mobile experience with most exceptional post-order support.

Management solicited the opportunity and was all set to foot in the eCommerce era. And this led them to find out a partner who can advise at various stages throughout the digital transformation process and act as a one-stop partner for all the e-tailing essence.


The first discussion between XFactory and Krish TechnoLabs took place in 2016 which included a thorough understanding of business requirements and consequently, we held a solid session to make a blueprint of anticipated e-business process flow. This resulted in the decision that a proper foundation was required for enormous growth and we advised them to sow the commerce seeds on world’s most flexible platform - Magento Enterprise Suite because such an embellished growth saga is best achieved on a platform which is fully equipped and lends itself for the best of eCommerce.

To get through the journey of digital transformation, our business analysts, solution architects & technical crew undertook an in-depth analysis of merchandising operations and other support structures. As the culmination, Krish TechnoLabs team articulated a future-proof skeleton of B2B commerce workflow and eventually channelized structured implementation roadmap. The composition of XFactory portal involves various solution components such as -

  • Responsive mobile-centric UI/UX with well-positioned web-content and other collaterals.
  • Flawless & easy-to-operate eCommerce presence to serve different customer groups including trade professionals who seek assistive buying process.
  • Negotiated buying workflow including Request-for-Quote, quote negotiations, suppliers’ pricing and log history and self-checkout abilities for privileged buyers.
  • Sleek integration with Pimcore build, an industry leader PIM system to streamline product management structure with an efficient and collaborative course with suppliers.
  • Catered engaging B2C experience to B2B shoppers by offering robust onboarding & corporate account management; multiple hierarchical user accounts for one corporate account.
  • Quick and easy to use quote widget that allows frequent buyers to find and send a bulk product quote request in a split second.
  • A sales representative can create and manage quotes effortlessly on behalf of B2B customers via backend admin panel.
  • By leveraging ElasticSearch capabilities, XFactory accomplished a faceted search with highly relevant and lightning-fast search results which helps customers quickly find what they want.
  • Customer group centered product pricing variations and catalogs accessibility.
  • Commission based earning model for influencers – contractors, architects and all other trade-professionals while they purchase on behalf of end-consumers.

The team at Krish TechnoLabs is thorough and has an impressive attention to detail. The project has been finished in time and all technical issues have been fixed. They value relationship-building and take responsibility for the project. Though the time difference can present challenges, they do their best to communicate in a timely manner and have been reliable so far.

Rajiv Madhavan Managing Director, Kayoma Trading Private Limited


We used a phased approach to launch the minimum viable product during the initial stretch with an ambitious launch date set, and worked closely with XFactory team to hit their ultimate project deadline. Krish TechnoLabs team actively consulted and shared expertise with the client to create a dependable B2B2C framework and process that worked for both the sides and made the most sense for business. Right after the initial launch, XFactory on-boarded hundreds of influencers and trade facilitators to begin their digital self-service transformation.

57% Boost in conversion rate

52% Rise in site visits

41% Increase in revenue

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