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Well managed catalog and inventory offers a great user experience. Quick and relevant search stirs your online store to higher pedestal. Add that value and simplify the management of your online business making it faster and smarter.


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We offer an end-to-end automotive eCommerce solution including VIN-based search, user-friendly shopping cart etc. Our eCommerce solution provides the right blend of features which make management of your business becomes much simpler, faster and smarter. Based on our research, we have found below features which help in interaction, engagement, and loyalty of your brand lovers.

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Parts Finder (Make/Model/Year)

Developed just for the automotive industry, our smart Make/Model/Year (MMY) filter directs customers to only the products they wish to buy

Elastic Search / VIN Search

The perfect companion to MMY searching. To offer even more flexibility for customers to quickly browse and find products with the right vehicle fit

Wholesale Order Tracking

Get a separate access for whole customer; allow them to place bulk order, avail bulk pricing discount through automotive solution. All at one place

Supplier Integration (Vendor Panel)

Connect OEM & Aftermarket supplier with solution; manage orders and commission based on sales of supplier through the solution

Garage & Service Management

Register and connect to authorize garage chain. Let your customer to book or contact garage for service requirement through the solution

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Pricing Matrix

Help your customer make a more informed decision with a balance between cost and quality based on the choice of OEM or aftermarket auto part

Print Catalogue

Feature integrated with solution to serve an offline channel sale. Print online catalogue in a structured predefined format to cater in store client

Multi-channel Integration

The solution can be integrated flawlessly with in store POS, ERP, CRM and facilitates seamless information flow crosses the information channel

Ancillary Personalization

Excite your customer with innovative feature of allowing them to customize. Let customer actually look the ancillary will be fitted to their model

    • CarVam


      Case Study


    The outcome being an extremely fruitful one for CarVam with it’s new online brand store. A feature packed and a customer centric channel helped their old as well new customer to witness a broad range of auto parts and provided them with the convenience of ordering at their ease without worrying about the availability. This assisted CarVam in setting up a long term relationship with their client base and expand their business operation.

    38% Increase in transactions

    63% Increase in revenue

    85% Rise in site visits


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