10 Best Practices That B2B eCommerce Companies Can Follow To Boost Their Conversions

Now that B2B ecommerce companies trying to catch up with their B2C cousins after having lagged being in the conversions race, things are looking bright for the B2B ecommerce sector. These companies are looking forward to improving their image and setting the record right when it comes to customer service and avoiding outright customer rejection. In this article, let us understand some best practices that can boost customer conversions for B2B ecommerce.

1. Simplify logins

Many B2B and even B2C sites tend to lose a lot of customers due to tiresome login procedures. Customers are usually presented long forms to fill in as part of the log in procedure. Many site users also find it tedious to maintain a separate username/password combination for an additional site. Comparatively, handling the login procedure using social login can make life easier for the concerned users.

2. Offer deals similar to B2C

Using concepts that are familiar in B2C circles such as flash sales, deal of the day, and discounted shipping can help drive sales on B2B websites. These hitherto B2C tactics are easy to implement on B2B portals and can drive huge revenue.

3. Structured search

With the help of a structured and streamlined search functionality, you can provide an opportunity to your clients to search whatever they are seeking for quickly. Many customers get frustrated at their end because they are unable to locate what they are searching for.

4. Offer intelligent product offers

If you want to be a leader in the B2B ecommerce space, you will need to react in real time to cater to the demand of the specific markets and target audience. Additionally, you will need to understand customer segmentation technologies to the best possible extent and even offer the right discounts and product offers for your customers or customer groups.

5. Provide a premium buying experience

If you intend to provide an extravagant buying experience to your B2B customers, then you will need to respond with a broad range of robust online ecommerce capabilities. This will help you gain revenue as well as global market share. A premium user experience will be the key to remaining viable in the ecommerce scenario.

6. Implement the mobile experience

In you aim to become a best-in-class B2B supplier, then you will be need to provide an elegant mobile experience. This will help you build loyalty as well as streamline back-office processes on both sites. Actually, many B2B customers like mobile as they are able to place orders from anywhere. Mobile is getting popular with suppliers too, as they can use mobile to deliver instant offers right into the hands of B2B decision makers.

7. Improve the Buying Efficiency via various online tools

In order to secure a h3 foothold in the online B2B sector, it is essential to provide a slew of online tools so that buyers can place bulk, repeat, as well as scheduled orders.

8. Provide self service and administration

Many B2B ecommerce customers actually prefer to manage the account themselves in the self service area of the B2B ecommerce website. Allow privileges such employee rights, maintaining spending limits, designing work-flows, setting new work rules, and maintaining cost centers/budgets.

9. Allow back-office technology integration

Partial integration is not the way out. You will need to provide back-office integration with all the other 3rd party software.

10. Quick & streamlined Checkout process

Avoid the nemesis of most online B2B sellers – the check out process. Instead, offer a streamlined and quick checkout process sans too much information, surprise charges, excessive shipping charges, and asking the same information over and over again You can always pre-populate information from the user profile as well as reduce the number of steps involved.

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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  1. Hello Harshal, it is an interesting article. Well explained, liked all the points you mentioned in the article. You are right, one of the major problems users are facing with the website is web login. They have to signup first by filling long forms which are not only complex but also time-consuming. One of the ways to avoid the situation is using social login. I also liked the point 6. Offering the best mobile experience is very important. Users are more active on mobile phones than desktops.

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