Deliver An Ultimate Shopping Experience Across All Channels with Magento Order Management

Magento Commerce Order Management (MCOM is a significant Magento innovation that coordinates the customers’ experience across all the sales and fulfillment channels. It gathers information and orchestrates business rules and processes for each order. The solution is available on both, Magento Open Source and Commerce (Enterprise) versions and gives you a centralized inventory, order, and fulfillment capability to give your customers a consistent, low friction, and omnichannel experience.

MCOM solution is designed to maintain multiple fulfillment centers including web and mobile, physical store and dropship networks, as well as internal and external fulfillment channels within one system. It gathers data from all these sources and creates optimal rules for each order. Its advanced features are:

Advanced Features offered by Magento Commerce Order Management

1. Distributed Order Management

With this feature, Magento Commerce Order Management provides one view for all channels and route orders to the appropriate fulfillment location. Consequently, you increase efficiency as well as customer experience.

  • Order Orchestration & Routing
  • Order State & Event Management
  • Partial Shipment & Order Splitting
  • Pre-Sale, Backorders, & Returns

2. Omnichannel Fulfillment

Magento Commerce Order Management provides you an ability to turn your stores, suppliers, and partners into small distribution centers. This is a remarkable improvement which provides the ability to generate more sales, expose store inventory to potential buyers, and offer flexible fulfillment options via an omnichannel fulfillment solution based on the cloud technology. Increase online sales, lower costs, increase inventory velocity, deliver faster and more efficiently while delighting consumers with store fulfillment programs like:

  • Ship-from-Store and Ship-to-Store
  • Pick-and-Pack
  • Carrier Integration

3. Global Inventory Management

This one adds full inventory visibility, so you will always offer goods that you really have. Provide full inventory visibility and exceed the high expectations of your customers. When it comes to demand, Magento Commerce Order Management solution processes web, mobile, store network, customer service, and marketplace data and when it comes to supply, it works with external/internal fulfillment, store, and dropship networks.

  • Track inventory at any node (Stores, Vendors, etc.)
  • In-transit Inventory
  • Intelligent Sourcing & Allocation

4. Customer Service

Deliver high-quality customer satisfaction with our customer service features.

  • Order Details & Status Lookup
  • Appeasements, Refunds & Credit Edits
  • Order Escalation Workflow

5. Faster Time to Market

MCOM offers a faster time to market, and you have two ways of its implementation. First of all, Order Management can be added to your eCommerce store as a modular solution. Besides, you can implement it as a fully integrated tool. In both cases, you will seamlessly manage your omnichannel operations.

Advantages of MCOM

Leverage the power of the Magento ecosystem to implement your omnichannel vision and up your time to market.

  • Optimize Inventory Utilization
  • Expose the right inventory to the right channels based on business rules
  • Increase velocity, higher turns, and lower inventory carrying cost
  • Capture orders from multiple channels: geographies, marketplaces, brands, etc.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Speed
  • Increase Sales in Retail Stores
  • Expand into New Channels
  • Improve same day sales, increase foot traffic, reduce lost sales, reduce out-of-stock situations

But does this mean that there’s no use of third-party order management extensions? Will Magento Commerce Order Management make them obsolete? We insist on evaluating different solutions before choosing an option that can satisfy your business needs. Since every merchant has unique requirements, we will never get a universal tool, but Magento Commerce Order Management is among the most prominent options. Therefore, it is recommended to add it to your list of possible improvements, especially if your business operates within conditions described above.

Magento Order Management is an industry-leading solution that delivers a safe, frictionless customer experience with full-service payments and risk management. Magento assumes all fraud liability and 14% increase in acceptance rate over the industry average.

Are you selling both online and in stores? Are you looking to improve your inventory software and make your order management easy? We understand your growing business needs, and flexibility and functionality to meet ever-changing customer desires. Contact Us to extend your commerce platform with order management, and deliver a truly connected experience.

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