How to Speed Up Magento Performance

Magento, being one of the most popular and reliable online platforms for merchandising, it is widely used and trusted by the majority of businesses. But at times Magento based websites slows down! It could be due to EAV database which takes time even if you want to know about a single thing. You may lose out on customers if your website does not load in few seconds.

Why Should Magento Store Load Fast?

Customers like to visit fast-loading web pages and may never return to the site that loads slowly. This is very disappointing for the merchants as they may lose out on their potential buyers, resulting in revenue loss. Moreover, the search engines work on the similar grounds.

They reward the sites which are faster giving a higher search engine ranking. A couple of more seconds can actually benefit your competing sites; working as a great gateway for them. But, there is definitely a scope to speed up Magento!

Well, so how do you Speed up Magento Performance?

  • Turn Caching on- This will help the CPU to unblock the XML tress that Magento is using to build up. Basically, Magento’s application files are looked in a specific manner to load the page, which is time consuming. So it is better to use a Magento compiler to reduce copying and caching the ones used mostly.
  • Use “flattening’ to put all the attributes of products under one table to retrieve. This helps in speeding up your site and enhances performance of Magento.
  • Run the Latest Version of Magento- Get the latest version of Magento to work on. It definitely improves performance and fixes bugs, if any.
  • Use of CSS and JavaScript Files– When you use CSS and JavaScript files to merge files, it helps to speed up loading of your pages and requests of HTTP also lessens.
  • One of the most powerful ways to speed up magento is to use page caching. It serves pages that were already visited before the cache, thus taking off the load from the web server. You could use page caching extensions like Zoom full-page cache, or Brims’ full page cache, or in that matter Full Page Cache Pro.
  • Track Magento Database and Logs- Try changing logs to smaller periods such as fortnight or so. Usually, Magento keeps logs up to 180 days, which makes the database, grow only larger, resulting in slower processing. Therefore, cleaning up Magento database and logs is necessary.
  • Slim down Extensions and Modules- The more the extensions and modules in use, request for running HTTP increases, making Magento’s performance delay. It is therefore, preferred to install Magento with least number of extensions.
  • Choosing Reliable and Fast Web Host- The moment you chose a reliable and a fast web host, half the problem of speeding up is solved. Avoid overcrowded servers as you might share resources with many others. Instead, migrating to Digital Ocean or Blue host or any other host as cloud host will help you keeping a complete control on your resources.
  • ETags– ETags cached page components every time a visit is paid to that page. ETags allow such browsers to validate thereof. However, if you disable ETags, there are plenty of chances to get improved performance in your Magento.
  • Images- Corrections and use of extensions to auto optimize the images can help speed up your pages. It is necessary as most of the web pages consist of photos and images which take time to download, creating disinterest in the customers.


You could take help from Krish TechnoLabs who are a specialist at optimizing your store to speed up loading. We, at Krish TechnoLabs, are the pioneer in offering best of class Magento Performance optimization solutions. If you are losing out your clients due to slow loading of your Magento store, it’s time to get your site optimized, page speed optimized, image optimized, profiling and database optimized and it will surely shoot your business for the stars.

Vartika Agarwal

Vartika is presently designated as Manager – HR at Krish TechnoLabs Private Limited. She is a seasoned professional who possesses strong exposure in HR Domain which includes Operational and Generalist matters pertaining to HR. Apart from holding PGDM in HR Management she is also a Bachelor of Laws. In her 9+ years of professional experience she has been part of various industries.

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