Improve Your Magento Website’s Prospects with Responsive Design!

Today’s online customers shopping via mobile gadgets are extremely sensitive about the platform from which the purchase. Hence some of their major concerns revolve around whether the Magento mobile platform will give them the necessary shopping experience they desire.

One of the main concerns of online owners today is how to deliver a seamless experience to customers even on the mobile platform, and one of the possible answers is responsive design. So, as customers are getting more and more mobile-focused, as is the case with web store owners.

Let us look at the fact at how responsive Magento web design can be of help to shoppers and store owners alike:

  • Google now alerts searchers about the mobile friendly nature of websites

    With Google becoming more and more mobile-focused, it is now alerting searchers about the mobile friendly nature of the websites it crawls. It has also started penalizing websites that do not offer a good mobile-friendly experience.

  • Google can crawl responsive mobile websites more easily

    Google can crawl responsive mobile websites more easily. This leaves little room for bad redirects, thereby creating a better user experience. This also leads to lower bounce rates, which can also impact the overall search ranking and also may lead to better sales response.

  • Responsive website design is now a key omni-channel digital strategy

    Responsive web design is also a key element in any omni-channel digital strategy for consumers which should be regardless of their device, channel or location. A true omni-channel experience can be had through responsive design, which will be able to automatically display the website in the best format on iPads, android tablets, smart TVs and other internet portable devices.

  • A responsive web design is much easier to handle

    A responsive web design much easier to handle, since the website owner is dealing with just one asset and not an website. This means that there is is just a single SEO campaign along with a single source for data, analytics, content promotion, as driving traffic. Thus, you are free to add new pages and new content, which is a lot easier now as the responsive design fits into different types of hardware such as ipads, mobile phones, tablets, and other hand held internet capable gadgets. Thus, it also most cost effective to manage.

  • Setting up a responsive website is a long term investment
    Although setting up a responsive website can involve a great deal of money for the initial development, and this is why many brands call off responsive web designing without actually wading through it, it should be viewed as a long term investment. This also means that ongoing management and resource allocation costs are considerably lesser in the long run.
  • A responsive website can give you a competitive edge

    You can get the competitive edge with responsive design, however, recent statistics pint out that only 9% of the top 100 retailers have a responsive website. Rather than being disturbed by this statistics, it is essential for your website to go responsive at the earliest and obtain a competitive edge.

Hence, the frustration that users experience on your competitor’s websites can be turned to your favor through utilizing responsive website design and the seamless mobile-focused experience that you provide. You thus help your customers improve their loyalty and help them buy more from your website!

Harshal Mazmudar

Harshal is working as a digital marketing manager at Krish Technolabs, uses the web to drive online visibility and generate leads that have resulted in huge ecommerce success. His incessant hunger to outperform is the real drive that keeps him competitive in the online hemisphere.

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