How To Secure Your eCommerce with Fully Managed Magento Hosting?

They say, website is the online face of your company. No, it’s actually more than that… It is an important part of your business model and plays a great impact on most of your ecommerce activities. If you are running a Magento store and the platform is not as fast and flexible as it could be, you need help.

Managed Magento hosting maximizes the performance of your ecommerce platform

Partnering with a fully managed magento hosting provider is the best way to optimize your complex store front without breaking up banks. A dedicated managed hosting provider like Krish Technolabs takes care of your entire backend system including support, security, IT services and other works. They also provide round the clock technical support, frequent data backups, hardware and software fixes, while constantly monitoring your site for technical issues, other issues and security breaches.

Difference between Shared hosting servers and dedicated servers

When it comes to hosting, choosing between shared and dedicated web hosting servers can be a big challenge. So, let’s briefly distinguish between the two types of hosting plans based on their features:

Difference between Shared hosting servers and dedicated servers

Benefits of Dedicated Magento hosting services:

Magento Managed-Hosting services Krish TechnoLabs

A Dedicated Magento hosting partner helps you keep your site running flawlessly, at good speed and solves your problems before they harm you. You must be spending a huge amount on unexpected repairs and out-of-budget expenses. So, here are some reasons why managed Magento hosting is actually a good idea:

1. Unique Solution to Fit Every Business Needs
No matter what your business is, Magento managed hosting from Krish Technolabs is a scalable solution which meets Magento’s intense requirements. It is optimized platform designed to deliver great reliability and exceptional performance. The end result is backed by round the clock fast and responsive support for a Magento store packed with experience that users expect.

2. Superior Scalability
If you are looking to make business changes in sizes – let’s say getting larger, you don’t need another platform or set of servers to accommodate your new store. Managed hosting services by Krish Technolabs take into account various factors like switching your Magento store to new servers, upgrading or downgrading, and other necessary factors with no extra efforts.

3. Downtime? Not a time
A good managed hosting provider keeps your network up all the time. There is almost no chance for downtime and unavailability, your site will be online 24*7*365.

4. Threat Protection
Security is the most important aspect of managed Magento hosting. When you’re running an ecommerce website, you should have a top-notch hosting provider that draws an arsenal of software and hardware protection including network management tools, managed firewalls, and 24*7 services and support to push out security threats before they come close to your data.

Why Use Krish Technolabs for Managed Magento hosting?

With Magento, you don’t need to be an IT whiz to run an ecommerce store. You can use open source, ready-to-launch solutions and start your own online business in just a few hours. But sometimes, you get so lost in the wilderness of backend management and technical issues that you start falling behind with your real business, losing customers, traffic and ROI. Your online store may be slowing down because you don’t know the right tips and tricks to optimize your website’s performance.

Krish Technolabs is a leading Magento and Cloud hosting service provider which partners with leading digital agencies and system integrators to help you focus on your business, while responsibly managing your Magento website’s hosting requirements. Here are the key advantages of partnering with Krish Technolabs –

  • Dedicated servers
  • Experts managing server administration and tasks
  • 24*7 monitoring of overall infrastructure and operational readiness
  • Automated data backups, ticket management and software problems solutions.
  • Advanced server monitoring
  • Troubleshoot performance issues
  • Flexible upgradation and expansion

To sum up, if you want to knock out security threats, you need managed Magento hosting provider. When it comes to security, it’s never a good idea to do it yourself.

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